Organizing Committees of the 1st African Health Summit

First: The Supreme Committee

Prof. Magdi Abdel Raouf Sab' Tanta University President Chairman
Prof. 'Emad 'Etman Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Member
Prof. Mustafa Mohammed Al-Sheikh Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Member
Prof. Al-Refa'i Ibrahim Mubarak Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Member
Prof. Mahmoud Abdel Salam Shakal Conference Rapporteur Member
Prof. Nehal Mohammed Al-Mashad Secretary General of the Conference Member

Second: the Administrative Committee

Ms. Amal Mahmoud Abo Basha Manager of University President’s Office Chairman
Mr. Mustafa Mansour Youth Welfare Member
Mr. Sherif Mahmoud Bakir University President’s Office Member
Mr. Mohammed Al-Sayed Mahmoud Khalil University President’s Office Member
Ms. Asmaa Fathallah Al-Haddad University President’s Office Member
Ms. Fatema Al-Zahraa Mohammed Al-Said University President’s Office Member
Mr. Ibrahim Yousef Ahmed University President’s Office Member
Ms. Shimaa Hussein Ali Al-Kholi International Relations Member
Ms. Dalia Wagdi Ashor Faculty of Medicine Member
Ms. Nivin Soltan Ahmed Faculty of Medicine Member

Third: Electronic Site and Social Media Committee

Dr. Dina Hassan Abdel Hady Al-Said Manager of University Electronic Portal Chairman
Eng. Mohamed Ali Abo Gabal Website Developer Member

Fourth: Cultural Relations Committee

Mr. Ibrahim Ibrahim Sallekha General Supervisor of Cultural Relations Sector Chairman
Ms. Lamia Ma'moon Al-Sheikh Cultural Relations Member
Ms. Marwa Badr Al-Din Naser Cultural Relations Member

Fifth: Public Relations Committee

Mr. Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Sheikha General Manager of Public Relations Chairman
Mr. Amir Mohammed Helmi Al-Dib Public Relations Member
Mr. Mohammed Abdel Khalek Wahba Public Relations Member
Mr. Ahmed Shadi Al-Nemr Radwan Public Relations Member

Sixth: Media Committee and Media Marketing

Dr. Aliaa Abdel Fattah Ramadan Media Center Supervisor Chairman
Mr. Tal'at Mustafa Press Advisor Member
Mr. Mohammed Mustafa Shafik Manager of Video and Film Editing unit Member
Ms. Rania Ibrahim Khelal Media Center Member
Ms. Do'aa Al-Sayed Al-Morsi Media Center Member

Seventh: Financial Affairs Committee

Mr. Ahmed Rashad Shalabi University Secretary General Chairman
Mr. 'Akl Hamed Al-Sharkawi University Assistant Secretary General for Financial Affairs Member
Mr. Ashraf Shehab General Manager of Purchases Member

Eighth: Legal Affairs Committee

Ms. Azza Mohammed Anwar Noseir General Manager of Legal Affairs Chairman
Mr. Mohammed Abdel Fattah Manager of Lawsuits Administration Member

Ninth: Student Welfare Committee

Mr. Gamal Rabi' Hamza General Manager of Youth Welfare Chairman
Mr. Ehab 'Abdin Secretary General of Faculty of Education Member

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Cairo, Egypt.


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