Pharmacy Sectors Sessions

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Oral Sessions

1- Natural Products as Alternative Therapy

  • Chairpersons:
  • Prof. Dr. Saleh H. El-Sharkawy
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zakaria Gad
  • Prof. Dr. Nahla El-Sayed El-Ashmawy
  • Prof. Dr. Kamilia Mahmoud Amin
Time Title Speaker
9:00 - 9:20 Could Araucaria heterophylla resin extract be used as a new treatment for toxoplasmosis? Prof. Saleh H. El-Sharkawy
9:20 - 9:35 Protective effect of lycopene on acute pancreatitis rat model. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Naglaa F. Khedr, Hoda A. El-Bahrawy, Omnia B. Hamada Naglaa F. Khedr
9:35 - 9:50 Fucoidan as a natural anticoagulant, antiviral and cytotoxic drug. Ahmed Zayed, Thomas Hahn, Steffen Rupp, Roland Krämer, Roland Ulber Ahmed Zayed
9:50 - 10:05 Docosahexaenoic acid-flurbiprofen combination ameliorates metaflammation in rats fed on high-carbohydrate high-fat diet. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Ghada M. Al-Ashmawy, Asmaa A. Kamel Asmaa A. Kamel
10:05 - 10:20 Microbial transformation of curcumin and evaluation of the biological activities of the isolated metabolites. Ahmed M. Younis, Abdel–Rahim S. Ibrahim, Souzan M. Ibrahim, Kamilia A. Abo El-Seoud and Amal M. Kabbash Ahmed M. Younis
10:20 - 10:35 Gastroprotective effect of garlic in indomethacin induced gastric ulcer in rats. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Eman G. Khedr, Hoda A. El-Bahrawy, Hend M. Selim Hend M. Selim.

2- Clinical Pharmacy

  • Chairpersons:
  • Prof. Dr. Alaa El-Din Elsayed El-Sisi
  • Prof. Dr. Hassan A. El-Kashef
  • Prof. Dr. Mohey Elmazar
Time Title Speaker
10:40-11:00 The phosphodiesterase inhibitor pentoxifylline as a novel adjunct to antidepressants in major depressive disorder patients: a proof-of-concept, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Sahar M. El-Haggara, Mai A. Eissab, Tarek M. Mostafa, Khaled S. El-Attar, Mahmoud S. Abdallahd Tarek M. Mostafa
11:00-11:15 Comparative therapeutic efficacy study of Lactobacilli probiotics and Citalopram in treatment of acute stress-induced depression in lab murine models. Abdalla M. Abdrabou, EnassY. Osman, Osama A. Aboubakr Enass Y. Osman
11:15-11:30 The effect of genetic variations on ribavirin pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in Egyptian patients receiving sofosbuvir /daclatasvir and ribavirin. Sahar M. El-Haggar, Dina H. Ziada, Khaled S. Abdelkawy, Naglaa F. Ebaid, Mohamed A. El-Magd Naglaa F. Ebaid
11:30-11:45 Effect of melatonin and N-acetyl-L-cysteine on testicular toxicity of nicotine in rats. Hala I. Madkour Hala I. Madkour
11:45-12:00 Comparative study to evaluate the effect of L-carnitine plus glimepiride versus glimepiride alone on insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic patients. Hadier M. El-sheikh, Sahar M. El-Haggar, Tamer A. Elbedewy Hadier M. El-sheikh

12:00 - 1:00

3- Drug Discovery and Development

  • Chairpersons:
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed A. Habib
  • Prof. Dr. Mokhtar M. Mabrouk
  • Prof. Dr. Nahed D. Motrada
  • Prof. Dr. Sanaa A. El-gizawy
Time Title Speaker
1:00-1:20 Drug repositioning and novel drug delivery systems: a speedy process of drug development with minimal costs to meet Egypt’s need. Prof. Mohey Elmazar
1:20-1:40 Co-crystallization as a dissolution rate modulator. Prof. Gamal M. El Maghraby
1:40-1:55 In situ gelling liquid oral controlled release drug delivery systems. Ebtessam A. Essa
1:55-2:10 Identification and validation of a potential binding site for HCV p7 inhibitors: Focus on HCV p7 Genotype 4a. Eman A. El-Bastawissy
2:10-2:25 Solid self dispersing mixed micelle forming systems for enhanced dissolution and intestinal permeability of hydrochlorothiazide. Amal A. Sultan, Sanaa A. El-Gizawy, Mohamed A. Osman, Gamal M. El Maghraby Amal A. Sultan
2:25-2:40 Biodegradable nanoparticles as a drug delivery system of a novel anticancer peptide for breast cancer treatment. Yusuf A. Haggag, Mohamed A. Osman, Sanaa A. El-Gizawy, Paul A. McCarron Yusuf A. Haggag
2:40-2:55 New players of dihydropyridines in an old field; strategy to play. Tarek F. El-Moselhy, Peter A. Sidhom, Eman A. Esmat, Nageh A. El-Mahdy Peter A. Sidhom
2:55-3:10 Determination of the mole ratio of metal complexes using Mansour-Danielson’s method. Mokhtar Mabrouk, Sherin F. Hammad, Mohamed A. Abdelaziz, Fotouh R. Mansour Foutouh R. Mansour

4- Antimicrobials: Resistance and Chemotherapy

  • Chairpersons:
  • Prof. Dr. Tarek E. El-Banna
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mabrouk Aboulwafa
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Labib Salem
Time Title Speaker
3:10-3:30 Synergistic effect of newly introduced root canal medicaments; ozonated olive oil and chitosan nanoparticles, against persistent endodontic pathogens. Mohamed I. Elshinawy, Lamiaa A. Al-Madboly, Walaa M. Ghoneim, Nehal M. El-Deeb Lamiaa A. Al-Madboly
3:30-3:45 Prevalence of carbapenemase resistant phenotypes and genotypes recovered from patients admitted to a public hospital in tanta, Egypt. Maisra M. El-Bouseary, Fatma I. Sonbol, Tarek E. El-Banna, T. R. Walsh Maisra M. El-Bouseary
3:45-4:00 Effect of MTDH gene modification on colorectal cancer aggressiveness. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Enas A. El-Zamarany, Eman G. Khedr, Mariam A. Abo-Saif Mariam Ali Abo-Saif
4:00-4:15 Immunotherapeutic strategies for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with antigen loaded dendritic cells: in vivo study. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Enas A. El-Zamarany, Eman G. Khedr, Hoda A. El-Bahrawy, Ola A. El-Feky Ola A. El-Feky
4:15-4:30 Dual targeted therapeutic strategy combining CSC-DC based vaccine and cisplatin overcomes chemo-resistance in experimental mice model. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Mohamed L. Salem, Eman G.Khedr, Enas A. El-Zamarany, Amera O. Ibrahim Amera O. Ibrahim
4:30-4:45 Incidence of metallobetalactamases producing carbapenem resistant gram negative bacterial isolates from Tanta University Hospital, Egypt. Tarek E. El-Banna, Fatma I. Sonbol, Eslam S. Ghazy Eslam S. Ghazy


1- Antimicrobials: Resistance and Chemotherapy

# Title Presenter
1 Adamantane-isothiourea hybrid derivatives: synthesis, characterization, in vitro antimicrobial, and in vivo hypoglycemic activities. Lamya H. Al-Wahaibi, Hanan M. Hassan, Amal M. Abo-Kamar, Hazem A. Ghabbour, Ali A. El-Emam Prof. Amal M. Abo-Kamar
2 A novel synthetic peptide inhibits some virulence factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 Amal E. Saafan, Mostafa A. Naser, Eman El-Gebaly, Ali Kholefy, Ahmed S. Khairallah Amal E. Saafan
3 MicroRNA-500 alteration in plasma of patients coinfected with HCV: potential noninvasive biomarker for differential diagnosis of liver cirrhosis and HCC. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Gamal E. Shiha, Ghada M. Al-Ashmawy, Linda A. Zayed Ghada M. Al-Ashmawy
4 Eravacycline, a novel fluorocycline, has antibacterial activity against carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) & Acinetobacter spp. (CRA)". Maisra M. El-Bouseary, J. M. Tyrrell, Tarek E. El-Banna, Fatma I. Sonbol, T. R. Walsh, M. Olesky Maisra M. El-Bouseary
5 Immunomodulatory and anticancer activities of enterocin OE–342 produced by Enterococcus feacalis isolated from stool. Omnia M. Al-Fakhrany, Ahmed A. Abdel Aziz, Tarek E. El-Banna, Fatma I. Sonbol Omnia M. Al-Fakhrany
6 Exposure to sub lethal concentrations of benzalkonium chloride induces antimicrobial resistance and cellular changes in Klebsiellae pneumoniae clinical isolates. Ahmed A. Abdel Aziz, Fatma I. Sonbol, Tarek E. El-Banna and Engy Elekhnawy Engy Elekhnawy

2- Drug Discovery and Development

# Title Presenter
7 Precolumn fluorescence labeling of sodium valproate in dosage form and in spiked human plasma using new labeling agent 9-chloromethylanthracene. Mokhtar M. Mabrouk, Sherin F. Hammad, Mohamed abd Elhamid and Mohamed Hassan Sherin F. Hammad
8 QSAR and docking studies of tankyrase-2 inhibitors as anticancer agents: assessment of structure activity relationships. Mervat H. El-Hamamsy Mervat H. El-Hamamsy
9 Factor space analysis and dual wavelength spectrophotometric methods for simultaneous determination of norfloxacin and tinidazole in tablet. Amira H. Kamal and Samah F. El-Malla Samah F. El-Malla
10 Thermodynamic and kinetic study of chiral separation of some non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs on dinitrobenzamido tetrahydrophenanthrene stationary phase. Hamed M. El-Fatatry, Mokhtar M. Mabrouk, Sherin F. Hammad, Mahmoud M. Elshahawy Mahmoud M. Elshahawy
11 New determinants of 1,4-dihydropyridine activity: QSAR and docking studies. Salma A. Elsherbeni, Tarek F. El-Moselhy, Kamel M. Elbrembaly Salma A. Elsherbeni
12 Design, synthesis and computational studies on 3,4-dihydropyrimidine derivatives, potential inhibitors of kinesin spindle protein, as anticancer agents. Tarek F. El-Moselhy, Haytham O. Tawfik, Mervat H. El-Hamamsy, Nabaweya S. El-Din Haytham O. Tawfik
13 Sucralose as a co-crystal co-former for enhanced dissolution of hydrochlorothiazide. Mona F. Arafa, Sanaa A. El-Gizawy, Mohamed A. Osman, Gamal M. El Maghraby Mona F. Arafa
14 Inhibition of co-crystallization of olmesartanmedoxomil and hydrochlorothiazide for enhanced dissolution rate in their fixed dose combination. Magdy M. Abdelquader, Ebtessam A. Essa, Gamal M. El Maghraby Magdy M. Abdelquader
15 Preparation, in vitro and in vivo evaluation of PEGylated PLGA nanoparticles for controlled insulin delivery. Yusuf A. Haggag, Mohamed A. Osman, Sanaa A. El-Gizawy1, Paul A. McCarron Yusuf A. Haggag
16 Effect of Cosolvents on the Absorptive Clearance of Ketotifen Fumarate from Rabbit Intestine, In-situ Sanaa A. El-Gizawy, Mohamed A. Osman, Sammar F. Ibrahim Sammar F. Ibrahim
17 Factorial design and kinetic studies of acyclovir-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles. Sanaa A. El-Gizawy, Gamal M. El-Maghraby and Asmaa A. Hedaya Asmaa A. Hedaya
18 Regional difference in intestinal drug absorption as a measure for the potential effect of P-glycoprotein efflux transporters. Shimaa M. Ashmawy, Sanaa A. El-Gizawy, Gamal M. El Maghraby, and Mohamed A. Osman Shimaa M. Ashmawy
19 Preparation and in vitro characterization of rapidly dissolving tablet of telmisartan. Mohamed A. Osman and Ali A. Shatla Ali A. Shatla
20 Preparation and in vivo evaluation of ulcerogenic activity of piroxicam microspheres. Esmat E. Zein, Ahmed A. Donia, Sania E. El-kayad Sania E. El-kayad
21 Span 60 as a microsphere matrix: encapsulation and permeation enhancement of metformin hydrochloride as an example of class III drugs Omar Y. Mady, Ahmed A. Donia, Adam A. Al-Shoubki, Waseem Qasim Adam A. Al-Shoubki

3- Clinical Pharmacy

# Title Presenter
22 Antitumor activity of pomegranate hull extract on MCF 7 cells is associated with changes in peroxisome proliferator activated receptor γ and nuclear factor κB. Sally E. Abu Risha, Rehab M. Elgharabawy, Eman G. Khedr Sally E. Abu Risha
23 Daclatasvir and sofosbuvir mitigate hepatic fibrosis through downregulation of TNF-α /NF-κB signaling pathway. Sherin Zakaria Sherin Zakaria
24 Potentiation of paclitaxel antitumor activity by co-administration with oxamate or galloflavin as LDH inhibitors Alaa El-Din E. El-Sisi, Samia S. Sokar, Sally E. Abu-Risha, Sara R. El-Mahrouk Sara R. El-Mahrouk
25 Clinical and biochemical effects of statin in systolic heart failure. Manal A. Hamouda, Alaa El-Din E. El-Sisi, Sahar K. Hegazy, Mahmoud K. Ahmed Manal A. Hamouda
26 Effects of metformin on the food borne carcinogen (2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5b]pyridine)- induced mammary carcinoma in rats. Alaa El-Din E. El-Sisi, Samia S. Sokar, Magda E. El-Sayad, Elsayed I. Salim, Ethar A. Moussa Ethar A. Moussa
27 Protective effects of mirtazapine and chrysin on experimentally induced testicular damage in rats. Alaa El-Din E. El-Sisi, Magda E. El-Sayad, Nermine M. Abdelsalam Nermine M. Abdelsalam
28 Medication use evaluation of proton pump inhibitors in a tertiary care hospital. Rehab Werida, Mayada Abdelaleem, Engy Abdel-Fatah Rehab Werida
29 Evaluation of Levofloxacin Utilization in Intensive Care Units of Damanhour Medical National Institute: a retrospective observational study Noha M. El-Khodary, Rehab HussinWerida, Amany M. El-Okaby Noha M. El-Khodary
30 Use of aspirin among type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) Salwa Selim Ibrahim Abougalambou, Ayman Selim Ibrahim Abougalambou Salwa Selim Ibrahim Abougalambou
31 Study of the possible pharmacokinetic interactions between telmisartan and ketoprofen in human volunteers Enas Ibrahim El Zahaby, Sanaa A. El-gizawy, Sahar M. El Haggar Enas Ibrahim El Zahaby

4- Natural Products as Alternative Therapy

# Title Presenter
32 Nature treasure: Aloe vera and bee-products. Amal Kabbash, Mona El-Aasr, Fotouh R. Mansour, Megumi Hasegawa, Suzuka Ataka, Akira Yagi Prof. Amal Kabbash
33 Antitumor Allium sulfides. Toshihiro Nohara, Yukio Fujiwara, Mona El-Aasr, Tsuyoshi Ikeda, Masateru Ono, Daisuke Nakano, Junei Kinjo Mona El-Aasr
34 Flavonoidal constituents, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and cytotoxic activities of Dipterygium glaucum grown in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Usama Shaheen, Nagwa Abdelkader Shoeib, Abeer Temraz, Mohamed I. S. Abdelhady Nagwa Abdelkader Shoeib
35 A new cytotoxic and antioxidant amentoflavone monoglucoside from Cycas revoluta. Walaa A. Negm, Abd El-Rahim S. Ibrahim1, Kamilia A. Abo El-Seoud, Ghada I. El Shahat Attia1, Amany E. Ragab Walaa A. Negm
36 Silymarin induces caspase dependent apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in testosterone induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in rats. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Eman G. Khedr, Hoda A. El-Bahrawy, Nada N. Helmy Nada N. Helmy
37 Phytochemical and biological investigation of Urtica urens L. growing in Egypt. Hosam M. El-Seadawy, Kamilia A. Abo El-Seoud, Amal M. Kabbash, Mona El-Aasr and Ghada I. Attia Hosam M. El-Seadawy
38 Tropane alkaloids production from callus culture of Atropa belladonna L. as affected by elicitors and precursor feeding. Mohamed I. Elshorbagy, Souzan M. Ibrahim, Kamilia A. Abo El-Seoud, Ahmed I. Abd El-Maksoud Mohamed I. Elshorbagy
39 PCR amplification of tabersonine 16-hydroxylase gene from the leaves of Catharanthus roseus. Ahmed S. Arafa, Amany E. Ragab, Abdel-Rahim S. Ibrahim, Wael S. Abdel-Mageed, Mahmoud E. Nasr Ahmed S. Arafa
40 Pharmacognostical Study of Fragaria x ananassa Dush. growing in Egypt. Hebatalla M. El Gendy, Souzan M. Ibrahim, Kamilia Abo El Seoud, Mohamad E. El Denary Hebatalla M. El Gendy
41 Downregulation of iNOS and elevation of cAMP mediate the anti-inflammatory effect of glabridin in rats with ulcerative colitis. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Naglaa F. Khedr, Hoda A. El-Bahrawy, Samar A. El-Adawy Samar A. El-Adawy
42 Upregulation of PPAR-γ mediates the renoprotective effect of omega-3 PUFA and ferulic acid in gentamicin-intoxicated rats. Nahla E. El-Ashmawy, Naglaa F. Khedr, Hoda A. El-Bahrawy, Sara A. Hela Sara A. Helal
43 The potential efficacy of antidepressants and Moringa oleifera in experimentally induced ulcerative colitis in rats. Nageh A. El-Mahdy, Omar A. Tammam, Mohamed F. Azazi and Rna A. Sayerdayer Rna A. Sayerdayer
44 The Ameliorative Effect of Soy on the Metabolic Disorders Induced by Chronic Consumption of Fructose in Rats Reham A. Ibrahem

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